Hi Gorgeous!

Welcome to Underneath Your Lingerie where women’s bodies are lingerie. From a satin robe to a lacey unlined balconette there are many lingerie designs of who you as a women that are hidden within your body.

Being a woman is sexy, feminine, and fun. As women we get to choose just how lingerie-like our bodies become. After all the softest lingerie dress a woman can wear is her body and she can style it any way that she likes…with hot pink nails, with flowly summer frocks, or with diamonds hanging down from her ear. The secret to being lingerie is all in how you take care of it…hydrating yourself in a way that adds  aglow to your skin.

Being a woman who fills her lace with healthy meals that encourages the ultra feminine lingerie design that lies within to appear on your lace body. A woman who exercises to  encourage her lingerie design and keep it in exotic designer shape. A woman’s body is her lingerie and underneath it are the dreams, hopes, and blessings of her body.

Welcome to the world of lingerie!