pancakes to peaches.

The booty plan that will transform your curves.

Pancakes out...Peaches in!

This program was lovingly designed for women who have a pancake booty and have always wanted something more.

Did you know that many different bootylicious designs are hidden underneath your curves?

There’s the heart shaped booty, the Hershey kiss shaped booty, the cupcake booty and of course the peach. 

If you are ready to transform your pancakes to peaches and slip into jeans that are perfectly shaped in your apple bottom jeans then welcome to the fitness plan that adds a bit of “cake” to those curves.

Welcome to the hottest bootylicious design for your curves.

Sculpting the glutes isn’t just good for a dangerous looking curves, strong glutes also support your SI joint, improve back pain, and the increased metabolism from working out transforms not only your curves but your entire body! The sexiest thing about being a woman is that we can add all the curves that we want to our design!

Bake your buns...

With delicious workouts that elevate your heart while whipping your buns into shape.

Peaches & Bombshells...

Self care is what adds the glow to your peach. This self love part of the workout plan holistically highlights not just the curves without but also the curves within a woman's body.

Add the icing on top...

Each workout session ends with a 2 minute "icing on top" session that fully brings out the bootylicious from underneath your curves.

Bootylicious Buns

Just as there's beast mode there is a 100% feminine approach that can be used for a women's body, this unique program utilizes g-spot energy, also known as the goddess method for designing a woman's body.

Coming Spring 2024.