31 Days of Lingerie.

Hi Gorgeous!

I have a practice where I wear my body as lingerie which is why I created this blog, Underneath Your Lingerie.

I love lingerie because when you slip into it you can feel sexy, feminine, alluring and in essence it’s slipping into the lingerie that brings out that soft sensual vibration of your body. One of my favorite mantras is that the secret to wearing lingerie, “Is all in how you own it.” I decided to own it in a way that no one knows I’m wearing it but me by practicing a secret morning awakening for my body.

What I do is that I get out some notepaper and at the top I write “The World’s Sexiest Woman.” Then on the next three lines I write:



Dipped In:

The goal is that instead of giving me something “to do” (a very masculine energy) in the morning I give myself an aura “to be.

I’ve made a list of 31 lingerie pieces and each lingerie correspondences to the 31 days that are within a month. 

1. Erotic Lingerie.

2. Ultra Sheer Lingerie Dress.

3. Exotic Pearls & Diamond Corset.

4. Swarovski G-string.

5. The Rose Petal Bra.

6. Diamond Lingerie Robes.

7. The Wings of a Goddess.

8. The Versace Lingerie Set.

9. The Heavenly Exotic Satin Harness.

10. A Cobalt Blue Body Hugging Lingerie Dress.

11. The Paradise Lingerie Set.

12. The “Exotic Diamonds” Lingerie Collection.

13. The Pearl Push-up Bralette.

14. Luxurious Silk Robes.

15. The Fantasy Lingerie Collection.

16. A Parisian Pearl Bodysuit.

17. A Leather & Lace Lingerie Dress.

18. A Sensually Sexy Lacey Playsuit Harness.

19. A Black Strappy Lingerie Dress.

20. Black Bondage Bodysuit.

21. Red Luxury Bondage Bra.

22. A Lingerie Dress Made of Crystals.

23. Pink Lace Lingerie Set.

24. Gold Linked Br.

25: The Heavenly Diamond Lingerie Bra.

26: Green Chantilly Lace Babydoll.

27. Swarovski Nipple Pasties.

28. Soft Pink & White Lacey Feminine Dress.

29. Diamond Stilettos.

30. Nude Lingerie.

31. The Ultra Body Hugging Pink Lingerie Dress.

Each day I write down the lingerie that I will wear underneath my clothes, it’s old fashioned but I write it down by hand to encourage my subconscious to remember it. Even if consciously I never remember again, doing this practice rewires the subconscious to integrate it in.

The next two categories (Perfume and Dipped in) are even simpler.

For perfume I usually choose between Jasmine, Honeysuckle, or Gardenia (just whatever I feel for the day).

For the last category, “dipped in” I pick from my imagination what I would love my lingerie to be covered in, sometimes in pink Swarvoski crystals and other times it’s sapphires or an elegant strand of pearls.

The ultimate lingerie set comes together like this:

(If we are looking at Day 20 for example).

Lingerie-piece: Black Bondage Bodysuit.

Perfume: Jasmine.

Dipped in: Exotic crystals.

Occasionally instead of using the phrase “dipped in”, I’ll use the phrase “Embellished with” or “Covered in” instead.

Before I start running errands,

making my to-do lists,

being there for others.

I put on my lingerie.

And the best secret to this is that I am the only woman who knows I’m wearing it!

(Until now when I’ve just told you!)

This post was written for all of the women who are coming home to their wings & lingerie outfits too.

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