How I learned to love my body.

For me, I have a hard time with the concept that you can be worth something without any evidence for it, but really the evidence for it is simply the fact that you are here. I’m so used to a trainers mindset of, “Okay, you accomplished x,y, & z but where are your reps?” So the idea that you can have worth without doing any reps – I have a hard time understanding that. However the reality is that the rep is you. And it’s not taking stuff on you.


The perfect example of this is that I went to Versace today and tried on a $500 dress (well $450) that felt deliciously soft and sexy on my skin and it felt like “YES, I’m at home!”

I’m at home why? Because the Versace was truth on me.

Then I tried on a $1000 bathing suite that I found on the rack in front of the dressing room.

It looked TERRIBLE on me! But I had to realize that it’s not that my body looked terrible in the swimsuit, but it’s that the swimsuit looked terrible on me in that it treated my body terribly.

(Read it again sis, this is super, super important). It’s the cut of the swimsuits fault, not my body.

The swimsuit wasn’t goddessing my body properly.

Another way to say it is this…

I work at a lingerie store and I always share with the customers that they should try on different types of lingerie because sometimes the lingerie just doesn’t know how to treat your body. Your worth isn’t in the lingerie, it’s always on your body.

My gorgeous sista goddess, it’s up to use to choose to align to the best situations, friendships and life, love, and fitness situations to showcase our worth.

The perspective isn’t us, it’s everything around us.

Just because someone, something, or some event wasn’t aware of how to treat the worth of your body doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

The Versace dress felt sexy as hell on my body (I mean I really think I’ve met my soul mate for life in this soft and sheer little black piece of pure art).

Do you know what’s even sexier than the lace? My body au natural. How?

Well with my cellulite, uneven breasts, thighs that are huge and broad shoulders. Why because my body is my body and my body is worthy because my body is in me.

p.s. And for everyone who wanted to see the dress…Gorgeous I didn’t want to show it here because it’s completely see through, hehe!

This post was written for all of the women who are coming home to their wings.


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