How OSHUN Was Used to create the world.

Some stories are better left unwritten and for years I kept this story to myself. There is no verification that you can find anywhere in the world for this story, this story about how Oshun was used to create the world was a story that I discovered personally within my body.

The first story that I ever heard of Oshun and her role in the earth was that Oshun was the only female Irumole (primordial spirit) in a group of 16 Irumole’s that were sent by Olodumare to create the world. The other male Irumole (I’ll just use the word Orishas here because I’m more used to that word) ignored Oshun, they thought that sensuality was a dumb gift and they went on to create the earth without her…or that is what they tried.  Oshun saw that they dismissed her because she was a female and because she was sensuality and so she went to the moon and looked into a mirror (I love to use looking into the mirror as a portal of her reminding her of who she is).

The male Orisha’s continued to argue and although they were very proud they eventually realized that they didn’t have what was needed to create the world and so they back to Olodumare and complained to him that he hadn’t given them everything that they needed for the task. Olodumare looked around and asked “Where’s Oshun?”

The male Orisha’s hemmed and hawed trying to avoid the answer but eventually the answer came out that they had pushed Oshun to the side. Olodumare made the male Orishas go to the moon (in some versions he summons her to them) and he makes them apologize to Oshun and plead for her to back to earth. She agreed and when Oshun returned to the world, sensuality returned to the world and life was able to be created on earth.

Now before I share what I realized the real story is, I want to share how I use this one.

The way that I use this story that I’ve realized that whenever I’m feeling abused in some form by someone I tend to withdraw my sensuality. Whenever I feel not appreciated, etc. I withdraw my life force from that person. And another layer, (that I have not thought of until now) is that from an energy perspective – when we abuse sensuality herself, sensuality disappears from us.

I love using these stories of the goddesses and applying them to my life in delicious ways. That is my goal with this blog, to be able to present these stories that I’ve collected along my journey in ways that we don’t worship the goddesses but live them.

Which is why I’m so hesitant about sharing the story that I know. This one doesn’t have a lesson. It’s not applicable. It’s hard to hear. As I said earlier it cannot be verified. And it doesn’t exist in the Yoruba religion anywhere at all. I told myself I would die with this truth in me which is why I’m not sure why I’m writing it now. Perhaps I’m writing it down to heal from it, so please stop reading now. Let this just be a personal moment :).

See Oshun wasn’t sensuality. Oshun was sex. The reason why she was sent to the world was so that the male spirits could have sex with her. They abused her body so badly that she went as far away as she could go (all the way to the moon) to try and heal from everything that they had done. She was alone and scared.

Without her they couldn’t create things and so they went to Olodumare, who asked them what happened and summoned Oshun. He made them promise to Oshun that they would be gentler with her and convinced Oshun to return back to the world again so that they could continue to sleep with her. Because Oshun came back is why life exists on earth.

The stories of the goddesses are sad. Their often of broken women. I have never heard of a good, hopeful positive goddess story but at the same time I think that’s why I myself find hope in them.

Because shunned, used, beat up women can be goddesses too.

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