11 ways Leopard Print adds to your sexual allure.

I remember the first time I saw Tyra Banks wearing leopard print on the cover of Victoria’s Secret. As a little chocolate girl who never saw herself on lingerie covers and could only imagine being as sexy as Tyra Banks I stared at her in awe.

That moment is when my love affair for leopard print began. Years later as an adult I even bought myself the same Victoria’s Secret silk leopard print robe that I had once seen on Tyra Banks.
I love documentary’s and one day I was watching a documentary about one of Beyonce’s music videos on her Black is King album and the reviewer shared that they thought that the reason that Beyonce wears so much leopard print is because  historically leopard print is a sign of royalty.
As woman our bodies already know things that we are still catching up and if you, like me, have ever found yourself pining for leopard print it’s a secret that your body knows just how royal she is. From the rug on my floor to the silk Victoria’s Secret leopard print robe I love to highlight with leopard print in my life.  Below are 13 fun ways to bring leopard print into your life. All cultures are sisters who know that the leopard sports aren’t just on our items, they are also within us.

#1. Leopard Print Wineglasses


Imagine this. Sexy little black dress, chatting with your girlfriends while sipping on champagne? Yes? Yes? The fun in the styling of these champagne flutes is that giving a “taste” of leopard print instead of completely covering the glass in the print gives the eye some space to rest before temping the eyes with the allurement of the leopard print again.

#2. Animal Print Wineglasses


Sometimes in life you need a little more alcohol. Enter the wine. Similar to the champagne flutes these have a small space that is free of the sexy animal print, but this differs from the champagne flutes in that there is a shimmering gold background on the wineglass.

#3. Leopard Print Bedside table accents.


Usually I’m an all or none type of girl but these highlights of leopard print in my life are all that I need to be happy. From turning out the light at night to writing in a leopard print planner sometimes it’s the highlights instead of dousings (although those can be sexy too) that make life lavishly alluring and sexy.

#4. Leopard Print Candle Bases:


Can you sense a theme here? These candle holders are delicately wrapped in leopard print with green highlights at the bottom and top. I love the red patterning on the top and bottom. Usually with leopard print it’s hard to juggle pairing it with another pattern but this does the job wonderful. Ir’s In a strange way these candle holders feel a bit like Kwanzaa to me.

#5. Leopard Print Lamp.


I love the sexiness and sophistication of the black lampshade and the leopard print lamp-stand. I had this pictured earlier but it deserved it’s own post too. Loving the feeling of stacking books to read by this lamp!

#6. Leopard Print Coasters.


For me it’s the little things that matter the most. Coasters are something that you never think about until the table is wet and sometimes I wouldn’t even think of it then! I think sometimes we box feminine and elegant as being perfectly prepared for every situation but really it is about adding style to it. This small seemingly simple and small addition will uplift your vibration! After all it’s the simple things that make our soul smile.

Leopard Print Earrings:


#7. Dior Leopard Print Purse.


Dior in leopard print? Need I say more!

#8. Leopard Print Bra.


Imagine going on a date and then after having a sweet classy nightcap with your lover as you effortlessly slip out of this leopard print bra. Both delicate, classy, sexy, and feminine this bra not only has the stable design of leopard print, it’s also beautifully complimented by this gorgeous black lace.

#9. Peekaboo Leopard Print Bra.


Welcome to bra # 2. Some women (like me) prefer a bit of pushup. I love this bra because it highlights my statement that as deep as my love for leopard print I believe that often times it’s even sexier to have just a “dash” of leopard print here and there. Just having a hint of leopard print add to the subtly sensual allure. Shania Twain is the sterling exception to the rule and as a bonus I’ve posted a video of her below!

#10. Leopard Print French Tips.


I never thought of leopard print french tips until I ran across this picture and then I thought, why not?

#11. Leopard Print Bangels.


Bracelets are the perfect accessory to any woman’s outfit. They add class and give you a peek into who a woman is. When we as women own our style, even to the smallest of details it tells the world so much of who we as women are.

This blog is called Underneath Your Lingerie and underneath your lingerie is your leopard print. Sexy leopard prints of a woman who lives in fashion and knows exactly what she wants.

p.s. Here’s a sweet bonus, I know earlier I mentioned that it’s often sexier to have a dash of leopard print vs. being entirely covered in it. But with every rule there is an exception and this one is highlighted by the one and only Queen of Country music – Shania Twain!

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