The Goddess point system.

Just as there is beast mode there is an energy system that is an more powerful than beast mode that is 1000x more potent then beast mode will ever be. I call it the goddess point.

As women our hips are able to move differently then men, not only that our lips are attached to our other set of “lips” (I borrowed that terminology from Allana Pratt, how cute is that!) What a lot of fitness routines don’t look at is that when women exercise and consequently lock up their jaw their locking up their lips or their “palace” down low.

Why is this a problem? Well just as beast mode is tied to masculine energy there is another energy (which dosen’t yet have a name) that is tied to feminine energy.

Yes. Men and women have two different energy systems.

It’s not something that has been well researched, and I’m sure I would be laughed out of the medical field for what I’m about to say next but yes there are two completely different energetic systems at play here.

A perfect example of this is in the bedroom. This is a sterotype that I’m learning to be untrue but a lot of men go straight into “ride the saddle” (forgive me for that analogy I hate it too!) Whereas women’s bodies often need foreplay and sensuality to open up. Believe it or not this translates to fitness because what we are doing is pushing and pulling at a women’s body (the very thing that closes it down) and telling the body to get healthier  while in a closed down state. Again this isn’t something that you can see and this is why I’m a huge proponent of this. Another way to look at this, imagine two gay men doing pushups before sex because the pushups get them in that sexual state – a woman would never do that.

The sexual state of a man and the “sexual” state of a women’s is different.

Fitness is an exercise of sexual states.

I’m trying my best to break it down here as much as I can because when I discovered this concept no-one was talking about it and I didn’t want to really look too deep at it myself because I had a feeling it was pretty big underneath the surface.

Yes the way we have exercise today is benefical however we as women are exercising wrong.

I remember I once did a podcast with the Divine Feminine podcast and before the podcast I had shared with the interviewer my new method and she came to me the next day and told me that she had done an extra set of pull-ups (PULL-UP!) On this method! Why? Because there was more energy in her body.

So what’s my method?

Don’t worry this post isn’t an infomercial. I just had to share some of the scientific backstory  to this method.

It’s this…

Relax your jaw when you workout.

That’s it.

That’s the method.

I personally have a horrible time keeping my jaw as relaxed as it needs to be so as I do my reps I say the “goddess” (I say it at the hardest part of the rep – i.e. the concentric part of the movement).

Saying the word “goddess” as you workout opens up your energy system instead of closing it.

Almost like magic 🙂

Except it’s not magic. It’s how we as women were naturally designed.The funny thing with this method is that you don’t instantly notice a difference. Mostly you just feel silly. Visually what happens is that the energy in your body which has been reversed is now cycling back normally. It’s not something that most people can see however it’s something that you can feel. Try this out for two weeks and then try to switch back and you just might be amazed at how switching back almost feels like your breath is going through rough sandpaper and your breath is off a little bit.

Let me know how it goes!

This post was written for all of the women who are coming home to their wings.

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