Oshun’s marriage.

This story is a rare one that most have forgotten however Adunole the Oracle once shared the following story (which was later backed up by another African priestess as well) and this story serves as a template for all women in their relationships and marriages.Oshun and Shango had an electric sexual connection. It was like a fire was between them and one day Shango (who before had a reputation of a Playboy) married Oshun.

Although Oshun is the Orisha of prosperity and sensuality throughout her marriage to Shango she was very poor and they lived in poverty. This is because being with Shango stole Oshun’s “flow.” Eventually the hot sexual chemistry that the two had between each other died down and Oshun, sick of how Shango was treating her left him.

The moment that Oshun left Shango the flow returned back to her body. Not only her money and many opportunities but also her health returned to her body. Instead of Oshun’s energy being wrapped up and donated to Shango she wore it as her own body and her energy thanked her for it while the only thing that Shango could do was wistfully look on and remember that he had once been married to Oshun.

The end :).

I love sharing this story because it’s a gorgeous metaphor of what we as women can be when we are in our power.

This post was written for all of the women who are coming home to their wings.

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