Esther: The Queen Who was beautiful.

I remember being a teen in Sunday School and being completely shocked when I understood what the story of Esther was about. Whether or not the Bible is your jam (as even though I listen to it every night it’s not mine), the story of Esther will motivate you and also open your eyes to what we as women have survived through.

Esther was an orphan who lived with her Uncle Mordecai. One day the King of the realm decided to throw a huge banquet, his wife at that time Queen Vashti decided to throw one for the women.

Well the King and his comrades became really drunk and he decided to order his wife to do the unthinkable – to appear before all the men wearing nothing but her crown (yes this is really in the bible, that’s why it mentions her crown!)

The Queen refused (as she should although at the time women had no rights). And so she was put away and removed from being Queen.

After a while the King regretted his decision but he was too proud to go against his decision and so with counsel from his associates he collected all of the women who were both 1. Beautiful. and 2. Virgins. (Now this is where it gets really messed up). Each woman would spend a year preparing their body for one night with him (this is why it mentions them going in to see him in the evening, Esther 2:14). The woman that he liked the best after that one night would be the one chosen to be Queen.

Esther was chosen as one of the women (although I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t rather young at the time) to  be either a concubine or the Queen to the kingdom (after sleeping with each of the women they then became his concubine). She was nervous and her Uncle who had been watching after her like she was his own daughter was too, he was very concerned and told her that instead of following the other women’s beauty rituals to listen to the eunuchs (attendants).

She did. She only ate for her diet what the eunuchs suggested and when it was time to visit the King she only brought what they told her too. And little Esther was chosen as Queen.

I know this seems like a messed up story to share but there’s a powerful lesson (along with the fact that according to the Bible, Esther being of Jewish descent and being a Queen ended up saving all of the Jewish race).

I like to give this story a positive flip and center it as part of my fitness and the body of a goddess journey.

If Esther was able to prepare herself for 12 months for one night with a man what can you do for yourself for a lifetime?

Thoughts to ponder.

This post was written for all of the women who are coming home to their wings.

Story reference: Esther 1 & 2.


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