5 beautiful green dresses.

Green is a color that I need more of in my closet. Inspired by Saint Patrick’s day I thought it would be fun to find beautiful options of gorgeous green dresses and share them with you! I hope that this can inspire you to try on different looks (even the unpractical ones) because in each dress your body herself will feel a different way. A part of the journey inside the fun of being a woman is exploring all the different feelings that your womanly body can create. The dresses below are perfect inspiration for adding a bit of “Saint Patty’s Day luck” to your closet.

#1. Dark Green Evening Gown.
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I’m in love with the back of this dress. Believe it or not the sexiest body part that a woman can show is actually her back! There is gentle ruching around the bum and at the bottom the gown tapers down into a point and beautifully flows out.

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Layered Green Dress.


Always the extra girly girl I’m in love with the layers of tulle with this dress! This is a lighter, more cloudy green which is a unique color for the dress. I love the corset and the sweetheart neckline to this dress!

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#3. Green Cocktail Dress.

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The other two dresses are more over the top (which leave it to Jasmyne, I personally love to be over the top), however this green cocktail dress is perfect for not just a cocktail but for your day to day. Only $41.89 style doesn’t have to break your bank account.

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#4. Melanie Mesh Cowl Neck Dress.

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This dress combines the best of all elements. Sheer sleeves, short dress to highlight your feminine legs, and an innocent peek of skin right underneath your breasts in a way that is still sexy, elegant, and feminine. The cowl neck that drapes across adds a bit of class.

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Green is the color of protection and abundance. Whether it’s a dark winter green or a light shade of green have fun with adding a touch of green to your wardrobe!

There are so many dresses waiting for you underneath your lingerie.



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