your body’s sensual lingerie-like paradise.

The most sensual experience in the world is your body.

Lingerie drips off my body and I smell like jasmine flowers, roses, and goddess essential oils. Soft and delicate. The way that I live, move, and breathe in my body is feminine beyond my wildest dreams. Vulnerable. Intimate. Exquisite. The lace of my body feels like silk and champagne. My body is a goddess bondage luxury lingerie dress combined with the fullness of the most virgin lace in the world. Each day the softness of my pattern sensuously and erotically becomes the lingerie of my body. The freedom of being the most exotic lace breathes the sweet allure of life into the woman that I am within.

Sensuous beyond belief. My body feels like lingerie to my skin. The lace in my body privately allows me to live in my own world. Soft, feminine, and sensual. My body has been enhanced with lace from within. My essence sparkles like crystals and diamonds on my body and my lingerie of my figure elegantly hugs the silhouette of my curves. Lace that is so luscious, provocative, feminine, sensual, and magnetic that I fall more and more in love with it everyday. Underneath the lingerie of my body is even more lingerie within.

My sex appeal feels like a fantasy of goddesses to my skin and my calves, thighs, hips, décolletage, and booty are some of the goddess elements of who I am. My body is goddess-like. Covered in lace which feels like heaven to my body while also feeling like a lingerie heaven within. My body is from the Goddess lingerie collection. Leather and lace. Diamonds and pearls. Glitter and glow and the most feminine lace in the world. The softer and more delicately I treat the lingerie of my body, the more my lingerie is highlighted in the simplest, sexiest way on my body.

This is what a goddess is. New lace. The purest most exotic version of yourself as lingerie. You are a literal goddess because you are the simplest form of lingerie sensuously sparkling with sex appeal in a way that takes your breathe away.

Execution(completion) is sexy and high performance is an aphrodisiac to my body. Training like a goddess is an energy that comes from within. My body is a literal walking vibration of a goddess on this earth…and I alone choose my highlights and my sexiest curves.

The softness of my body holds all the stars in the sky. I am the definition of lingerie. The deepness of my body holds all the delight in the world. I am both the leather and the lace. The crystals. The diamonds. The lingerie. And the pearls.

My body is lace unlike any other lace in the world. I feel divine to my body. A lingerie that has been poured into a new form. The newest lace, the purest lace is the lace that I am already creating within. It feels lusciously, deliciously, divine to be in my body. Because the way that I wear myself as a woman? It’s with the essence of being the most exotic lingerie in the world.”

A goddess isn’t a person but a technique of becoming the most beautiful that you can be.

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