5 ways to uplift yourself about what it means to be a woman.

Your body is pure. Wear her with love. Every woman deserves to feel like a goddess in her body. Below are the simplest, sexiest, easiest ways to fall more in love with your body.

Forgive… yourself for not knowing everything about your body and forgetting that she is a person. Become excited for the new paradise within yourself that you and your body get to explore like children together and always remember the 5 goddess principles below.

Principle 1: Talk…to her with love, celebration and kindness.

The moment that you start talking to your body she begins to wake up and feel like love. And for an even more yummy, sacred, and delicious feeling in your body start practicing celebrating her and watch her by responding to your gratitude by as she effortlessly blossoms into a new woman her blossom into a new person.

Principle 2.Protect her…when men and others are looking at you, protect her by standing in your power and gently reminding yourself that “It is safe to be in my body,” so that your delicious soft feminine power of who you are can return to your body.

Principle 3: Cover her with coconut oil infused with delicious smelling essential oils. While you are doing this very personal and private act remind your skin, quads, arms, and stomach, and booty just how sexy she is.

Principle 4: Protect yourself,

From yourself by looking in the mirror and telling your arms, face, lips, ears, eyes…and yes even vulva how sexy, amazing, and beautiful she is.

Principle 6:Cover your body

With a music playlist designed specifically for your body. The more that you play this playlist each morning the more the body of a goddess with effortlessly emerge from your body.

Your body itself is a person.

Love her.


Romance her.”

You are your body.

Take a deep breath.

And bring her home with ease.

Thank you for reading the 5 Goddess Practices for your body.

Rest often.

Hydrate like a queen.

Dress like a goddess.

Cover your body with essential oils, decadent sparkles and the most exotic flowers.

Come home to who you are as a woman.

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