How to workout in the springtime.

Springtime is one of the most beautiful times of year for a woman to unfold her body like lingerie. Let me give you a metaphor for this, what if every winter it’s as if a gorgeous piece of lingerie and each springtime a different lingerie piece comes out?  Well that’s the feeling that I believe that was as women were meant to have of our bodies. Our springtime collection of lingerie, or another way to say it, “The feeling of being lace.” Each spring your lingerie collection is different and it’s meant to be, can you imagine if a fashion designer presented the exact same fashion lines each spring? It all begins with mindset. Have a wrong mindset about your springtime body limits the body that you will be able to sculpt while, on another note having an attitude of curating your springtime lingerie style expands all the possibilities that could ever exist as a woman in your body, it even exceeds them! Now if you want specific exercises to do you can do you can check out the Pancakes to Peaches fitness plan, but what I wanted this post to really about is about the mindset behind working out because changing the mindset behind something transforms the entire results. Often as women we’ve been taught to be ashamed of our winter bodies and then taught rush and transform ourselves from a place of self hate, disgust, and being ashamed into our new “hot and sexy” spring body. Well what if we took our mindset and transformed it? What if we asked ourselves… ” What did we love about our winter lingerie collection? What did we not love about the fit of our winter lingerie collection (so that we can note that for next year) and what do we want in our lingerie design or our lingerie collection for spring? What do you think Gorgeous? Does this way feel more breathable to your soul? Fitness is a lingerie brand, we as women get to decide how we wear it.

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