Luxurious Minimalism.

"Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald's, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence, & seduction." - John Galliano.
A few years ago I coined the term “Luxurious Minimalism” and I’ve been living by it ever since. In my world “minimalism” is open to interpretation (just as my collection of stilettos). However luxurious minimalism is keeping things as minimal as possible while adding style to it. This style can be sipping water from a wineglass or styling in dance breaks as you work. This style can be sending out handwritten thank you cards or seeing yourself as a goddess while orchestrating meetings in a boardroom. This is your life. Why not add style and sensuality to everything that you do? As with everything in life there is a lingerie pattern (after all this blog is about not just our bodies but also our lives being and feeling like lingerie) and this concept of Luxurious Minimalism helps life itself feel more like lingerie. The pattern that I developed is this,


To me “goddess” is a verb. I once created a pair of Victoria’s Secret wings but when I moved across the country I couldn’t fit them in the car and so I kept the feathers but through the structure away (the structure for the wings wasn’t right anyway). Once I arrived in Texas using the old feathers along with new ones I rebuilt the wings but this time I coined the term “goddess” to build them, instead of seeing how big I could make them I focused how simple and small I could make them while pouring all the sex appeal in the world (picture down low). I called the term goddess, as a verb and like luxurious minimalism, I apply it to multiple aspects of my life. So the first category that I live in practicing Luxurious Minimalism is that I “goddess” everything. Keeping the task or project it as as simple as possible while pouring all the sex appeal in the world.


This is simple enough. Whatever you do, even if it’s pooing, poo in style. Style is wearing fancy lingerie under your construction jacket, style is talking to yourself like your the most innocent angel instead of treating your mind like a bag of trash. Style is wearing red lipstick to wash the dishes. Why not? This is your life, why not lingerie it? When you add style to things, even though it looks like it your not actually styling your body. You are styling your energy.


This might be the personal trainer in me, time is completing things in the most efficient way. Not in a way where are rushing from a to z but thinking it as walking in Paris and using the phrase “I get to design my day” and designing it in the most simplest, most efficient way. Everyday I look at the three different areas, (I even have them etched into my planner). How and where did I add sensuality to everything that I did today? Below is a free Luxurious Minimalism planner to enjoy.

Click here to download the Luxurious Minimalism Planner.

This post was written for all of the women who are coming home to their wings. “Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald’s, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence, & seduction.” – John Galliano.

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