Oshun, Prostitution, & the yellow Dress.

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One day the villagers stole Oshun’s children away from her to sell them into slavery. Oshun pleaded, begged, and cried for her kids. The villagers told her that she had until the end of the week to come up with $2 million dollars to give them for her children or else her children would be sold into slavery.

Oshun walked down the street, tears streaming down as she desperately thought of ways to come up with the money. In the shadows, under an awning a man called out to her, he had a large hat and she couldn’t see his face , “Whats wrong baby girl?” he asked.

Lost without anyone to turn too Oshun opened up about her troubles.

“You need money? I know a way where you can make a lot of money baby girl, don’t you worry.” The man said.

And then he explained to Oshun about selling her body and wanting her children back Oshun did.

Now at the time Oshun wore a dazzling white dress and it fell on the floor so many times from all of her suitors that her dazzling white dress became yellow with dust.

This is why in every picture of Oshun she is no longer wearing white she is wearing a yellow dress. And since the days of Oshun women have been putting their bodies before their kids over and over again. This post was written for all of the women who are coming home to their wings.

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