Feminine Restraint & Pink Country Time Lemonade.

Feminine restraint is simply asking yourself how sexy do I want to feel at the end of the day and are you as a woman in tune with your energy. Now this is a body blog so you may be wondering, what is feminine restraint and how does it come into play?

The best way to explain feminine restraint is as a metaphor. If you imagine that you have a pitcher full of life energy, i.e. Country Time Lemonade (the pink one) and you have cups around you and the cups represent your task of the day. These cups are in a circle and as you pour the pink lemonade (homemade ice tea, the golden elixir, whatever you love to call your energy), and it’s being aware of how full your body is of your own country time lemonade before you pour. And really asking yourself as you pour, “How sexy do I want to feel at the end of the day?” Do I want to feel like I’m full of 50% country time pink lemonade, 25% pink lemonade, or am I made up of 80% pink lemonade by the end of the day? All you have to do is adjust the energy as you pour.

“Opps I poured a little too much pink country time out of me, I need to pour pink lemonade into my body instead.”

“This ice tea/ pink lemonade needs more sugar, how can I sweeten it?”

Feminine restraint is the ultimate secret for women who love to take care of themselves both spiritually as well as psychologically and physically. Whenever I sit back and I think about my day and feminine restraint it really shapes everything – from how I schedule my day feel like I’m floating in a bowl full of Pink Country Time Lemonade.

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