the designer lingerie pattern of your body.

Become a woman who wears her body like lingerie

    • Where do you want to add the satin to your body?
    • How silky do you want your curves to be?
    • Each day become more like lace.

Think of wearing your body as unpacking the most gorgeous lingerie dress. Each time you put on this dress you find new ways to wear it that take your breath away.

Replenish your lace, renew your lace, and couture the sexiest details onto your lingerie dress. Your lingerie can only be worn as your body, kiss yourself from the inside out like diamonds as you play with how do you decorate with lace, where do you decorate it with satin, and where you delicately place the pearls.

If life stains your dress – no worries – underneath the first layer of lace that you are wearing is even sexier level of lingerie. Wash any stains off of the dress and let everything else that may have been hiding your beautiful lace fall off.

Everyday become more lacey.

Everyday become more silky.

Everyday design a dress that makes every woman wonder… “What’s that lingerie line?”

Every time you slip into your design you’ll find new things that you have never learned before about your body.

As a woman your lips are lingerie, your ears are lingerie, your arms are lingerie, your eyes are lingerie, your thighs are lingerie, your palace is a lingerie palace.

Your stomach is lingerie, your back is lingerie, your hips are lingerie, your legs are lingerie, your ankles are lingerie—every single part of your body even your feet are lingerie and your entire body being lingerie is the yummiest feeling in the world.

Regardless of where you are always return back to the yumminesss within your body. In some moments it might be a level beyond ecstasy in other moments it might feel like champagne. Always return back to the yumminess of your body, use your lingerie senses within you.

At the end of the day the yumminess is you in lingerie (your senses when they are activated are itself lingerie) and it’s also realizing that you, yourself are the yumminess.

This booklet is just a small reminder of how amazing it is to feel yummy in your body, a small reminder to pursue this feeling everyday and waking up with the beautiful goal of, “Mmmm how yummy can I feel in my body?” As you ask yourself that question, and throughout the day continue to fall into your own yumminess, continuing becoming the most rejuvenating lace, the sexiest Chantilly lace, the most feminine lace, the most exotic lace, the sexiness of your own lace, gifting yourself the potential of… “How yummy can I feel in my body today?” It’s not the lace that you put on, it’s realizing and tapping into you being the pattern itself. You are lingerie itself.

Throughout the day practice putting yourself into your lingerie dress many times. Underneath tight nerves is the softest lace and once you release any nerves within that area you’ll receive an experience a level of pleasure above any else. Find different ways to reconnect, breath into, and transform back into lace. This is why setting boundaries to protect your sex appeal (energy) and healing yourself from the hardships of life is important. The secret is to think of your body as layers of lace and the more layers of feminine lace comes off your body the more you become exquisitely unique. Your body is made of the softest lace in the world and all she wanted to do was to wear herself and have fun. “Goddess your feet, goddess your lips, goddess your thighs” and wake up to the design of your body.

Welcome to the world that has been waiting for you underneath your lingerie.

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