Letter to my body.

Dear Body,

I’m taking you back.

And I’m taking you back with love and with grace.

For too many years you have been used for the service of others and been given a twisted version of love to hold by how others sometimes abused and treated you.

It’s a story of you being a rose, with the thorns.

It’s time to take off the thorns on your story now.

Your body is not heavy.

Your body is not ugly.

Your body is not used.

Your body is not common.


The truth about you body.

Is that you are amazing.

You are wonderful.

You are beautiful.

You are one of a kind.

You sparkle more than the deepest diamond and you are more valuable than gold.

The sparkle inside of you is endless.

And dear body, today I’m renewing my commitment to you.

With vulnerability, intimacy, and love I will hold you.

I will honor.

I will cherish you.

Because you body are sacred.

You body are beautiful.

You body are the epitome of love.

You are not only sensual, sexy, and divine.

But you body, are your own complete goddess land.

I’m about to show you what real love is.

What true love is.

And love you to the furthest level and beyond.

I promise to not only redefine what loving your body really means.

But to treasure you, not only for the rest of this workout session. But for the rest of your life.

Thank you for everything that you have done for me.

I’m so grateful for you.

And I’m proud that you are me.



p.s. This is a letter to my body that I wrote a few years ago, I know I would write a much different letter today. If you were to write a letter to your body, one for each decade of your life what would it say?

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