The Lingerie style of being a woman.

The way that I view my body is as a piece of lingerie and inside my lingerie…

Soft pearls.

My nervous system.


My energy.


Body language (my body speaking to me).


The G-spot.


My libido.

Delicate Lingerie set.

My skin.

Outside my lingerie…

Swarovski Boundaries:

Have boundaries around my health that keep me like the sparkling crystal.

Luxurious Satin Harness:

My aura (both inside and outside my body).

Chiffon Robes:

The art (form) and goddess practice of feminine restraint. Making sure your energy is at the highest point at the end of the day.

The Latex bodysuit:

My self confidence in myself, my body, and who I am as a woman.

Sensual bedroom lace:

My fitness plan.

delicate swarovski pasties:

How I am always aware of my breath in my pussy, lips, & chest. Using a technique by Dr. Alicia Dukhov called the River of the breath.

You as a woman are a piece of lingerie. The most feminine lingerie design is inside of you and forms the hands, lips, and eyes of your body. As woman our bodies are beautiful pieces of lingerie. There are so many beautiful lingerie designs within your body. Lingerie isn’t something that you put on, it’s who you are. I hope this post has been inspired you to come home to your wings. 

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