how i learned to redesign myself as wings & fall in love with who i am.

The secret to a woman is inside of her wings. A few years ago I used to train to the mantra, “Train Like an Athlete. Train Like an Angel. Train Like a Goddess.”

What I didn’t know at the time that if you train like a goddess you actually become one because a goddess isn’t a mythical creature but a woman when she reconnects with her body.

I could tell you my story of my wings, but it’s more believable if you watch it. I believe me though, even the parts I didn’t record it. Because I live(d) it.

At the end of the day goddesses are an imaginary thing. I’m real.

But then again. It’s because we let the goddess become imaginary that we ended up where we are.

Remember who you are.

I hope my story has brought you back home to your wings.

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